In the search of new anchors
24 hours of observation

Description of the Rotterdam dock harbours by Lino Hellings and Rob van Maanen.

Twenty four hours of observation in the Rotterdam Dock harbours in order to produce description in text and photo’s to be used in a website for a contest about the new destination of this harbour where no boats are build anymore. In the water around Amsterdam one sees pleasure ships. Rotterdam is the place where all the ships carry cargo, mainly containers. It is fascinating to see the big ships passing by at night with all the lights. The sounds of the container transshipment industry are loud and inescapable even in the little village of Heyplaat, situated in this sea of containers. All night long an international crew of welders work on new anchors for the oilplatforms in New Orleans. The security quard cannot believe his eyes when he sees us at three in the morning in between the buildings on the docks in our hippie camper: ‘making a description for a competition about the harbour, at this hour of the night ??????’. Yes, especially at this hour one hears and smells a lot better.