Vision and Method: a short introduction.

Researching public and semi public spaces in relation to a specific question or need. The research defines the culture of a place before the actual process of the final design by architects or urban planners starts. The research leads to an artistic presentation that communicates to professionals aswell as to the local population. The research can also be used as the starting point for the design of art in public spaces.

The main focus of the research lies in documenting the process. Main steps in the process of design:

1. observing reality: what functions do a (similar) location or situation actually have
2. redefining reality: what functions are not usual but are physically possible
3. posing questions to the project commissioner
4. generating ideas

I have worked in public spaces all over Europe since the seventies. I have seen the definition of public space change since then. As I am a sociologist, next to my career as an artist, I formulate these new definitions of public space. Public space is my major playground and stage.

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