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PAPA international photopress agency

PAPA Participating Artists' Press Agency is an instrument for world mapping. In PAPA projects correspondents work together on shared commissions while everybody stays in his/her own country. In PAPA labs PAPA settles down in a temporary office in cities all over the world to do fieldwork together with local photographers/researchers. PAPA's street level observations inspire a broad audience and inform specialist arenas as art, photography, architecture, city development, politics and the news industry. www.papaplatform.com

First exploration of the idea for an artists press agency.
The ERRORIST in Bangladesh 8-28 November
Initial exploration of the idea of an artists' press agency through the introduction of a new basic human right: errorism or the right to make mistakes in Bangladesh. Residency at Drik multimedia organisation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Director Shahidul Alam. With the support of the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. www.errorist.net

Shared commissions while everybody stays in his/her own country

Flyover PAPA June to September
How four artists research the DNA of the flyover in the Netherlands and photographers in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Brazil supply alternative 'business concepts' for what can be done in the spaces beneath flyovers. Rob van Maanen Lino Hellings in the Hague Shahidul Alam Dhaka/Bangladesh and Toye Gbade Lagos Nigeria. Commissioned by the Department of Urban Development of the city of The Hague, the Netherlands.

Migration PAPA 1 - 31 November
In which we learn about the lives of urban newcomers in five different countries. Six photographers in five cities around the world take their cameras to urban neighbourhoods where newcomers arrive. The photos flow into the PAPA website like a wave moving around the world. First from Bangladesh, five hours later from Rotterdam and Lagos – cities in the same time zone. Detroit and São Paulo complete the group another seven hours later Participating photographers: Shahidul Alam in Dhaka, Andrew Esiebo in Lagos, Marcin Szczepanski in Detroit, Ines Correa in São Paulo and Nies Medema and Lino Hellings in Rotterdam. Commissioned by Kosmopolis, Rotterdam. With the support of the Hivos Culture Fund.

Projects in development:
The Trash of the City,
where photographers in 6 world cities go on 3 different shared photo-walks each in his/her own city. One with the official garbage men, one photo-walk with street sweepers and one with the unofficial recycle industries. 

Outside Eye
where PAPA photographers are invited to the Netherlands to co-research Institutions in shared photo-walks with people working/living there. Institutions like an old peoples home, a prison, a refugee center, a psychiatric hospital. I did some research with PAPA photo-walks in an Alzheimer clinic with a mixed group of art students and nurses working in the home (photo-walks in small groups) Worked great.

Fieldwork with local photographers/researchers in temporary office in cities all over the world.

PAPAlab Lagos Nigeria 7 - 28 September
Hosted by the African Artists' Foundation. A final exhibition entitled Initial Patterns was held on 25 September 2009 at the African Artists' Foundation. PAPAlab Lagos worked with a mixed group of ten artists and photojournalists from Lagos, including: Andrew Esiebo, Adolphus Opara, Babasola Bamiro Eremina Jumbo Toye Gbade, Tuoyo Omagba, Israel Ophori, Folarin Shasanya, Zemaye Okediji and Godswill Ayemoba. With the support of the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture and the Netherlands Embassy in Abuja Nigeria.

PAPA Lab São Paulo Brazil 7 - 29 November
Hosted by freeDimensional New York. The correspondents were members of the Fotomix group: Zé Barretta, Giovana Pasquini (Jô), Ines Correa, Marcelo Ferrelli, Sylvia Sanchez, Felipe Denuzzo, Flávio Sampaio and Luciana Camargo (Luh). With the support of the Netherlands Foundation for Visual arts, Design and Architecture.

PAPA Lab Rotterdam the Netherlands 5 - 24 April
Participating artists: Nies Medema, Erika Blikman, Maurice Bogaert, Robin van 't Haar and Martijn Nieuwenhuis. With the support of the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

PAPA Lab Bishkek Kyrgyzstan 3 - 17 April
Hosted by ArtEast. Participants mixed group of artsudents of ArtEast: Nellya Dzhamanbaeva, Angelina Mokh, Sapargul Turdubekova, Elena Chigibaeva, Nargiz Chynalieva, Raisat Musaeva, Tatyana Zelenskaja, Samat Mambetshaev, Anastasia Slastnikova, Tatyana Mihnevich and Meka Muratova. With the support of Artscollaboratory.

PAPA Lab Ramallah Palestine
Hosted by Riwaq centre for Architectural Conservation. PAPA will engage the architects and researchers of Riwaq and two local prhotographers in photo walks in the streets of Ramallah to reveal the Tactics of life. With the support of MondriaanFund.

April 2013
New website designed by notDef Rotterdam. The website PAPA is a digital workstation for photographers, a growing photo stock and a digital newspaper for a global audience together. From PAPA's photo stock, there is a continuous outflow in the form of exhibitions and publications, visual essays for newspapers, photographs and art magazines. It is also a showcase for the work of the photographers. www.papaplatform.com

The book THE MAKING OF PAPA by Lino Hellings is published September 2012. The Making of PAPA combines a DIY manual, an introduction to the cities in which PAPA has operated so far, visual essays by a mix of photographers and a text on the bottom-up creation of PAPA and its first adventures. The Making of PAPA is edited by Hans Aarsman, Lino Hellings and Nienke Terpsma, who also designed the book. Order at www.post-editions.com ISBN 978 94 6083 066 2 Paperback / 368 pp. / 17 x 24 cm / € 30,-144 colour, 92 black and white ills. Published by post editions, Rotterdam and Drik, Dhaka.  With the generous support of Hivos and MondrianFund. post-editions.com
V2 Publishing Rotterdam.
Photo essay PAPA 'Public Bedroom' in book The Politics of the Impure. Editors: Joke Brouwer, Arjen Mulder, Lars Spuybroek. > v2.nl

3-28 February Exhibition "Creating a context ' PAPA in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Public bedroom , a narrative space
September 11 to October 9. Noorderlicht Photo Festival Groningen. Concept: Lino Hellings Design Installation: notDef . Work by Shahidul Alam (Bangladesh), Adolphus Opara (Nigeria), Andrew Esiebo (Nigeria), Tuoyo Omagba (Nigeria), Ines Correa (Brazil), Maurice Bogaert (NL), Lino Hellings (NL)
Beamed exposition ' Migration PAPA.
November 29 / 15 January One computer and three projectors projecting picture sequences in loops at different wooden frames covered with cheesecloth. Atelier Tarwewijk Rotterdam. Design notDef Rotterdam.
'Initial Patterns' group exhibition PAPA Lab Lagos Nigeria

* August 4, 2009
MetropolisM in Art beyond borders interview Özkan Gölpinar who cites PAPA as an example of his policy as a program manager of cultural diversity in the Fine Arts Fund .
* September 27, 2009
THISDAY , The Sunday Newspaper Nigeria . Title : Down To Art. PAPA unites artists and photojournalists in a common platform . Text Okechukwu Uwaezuoke Photos Tuoyo Omagba , Andrew Esiebo , Israel Ophori .
* September 29, 2009
The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria . Title Lino Hellings ... PAPA 's gospel spreading across
nations .
* 4 October 2009
NEXT daily newspaper Nigeria ' First Impressions : Contempory photography in Nigeria ' by Antawan Byrd 'The photography exhibition at the African Artists Foundation , Initial Patterns by PAPA , offers an analytic perspective on the conventions of photojournalism "
* January 7, 2011
NRC Handelsblad , " Art in a risk area with a touch of glamor by Sandra Smets Migration PAPA 5 photographers 6 cities Newcomer in town .
* November 13, 2012
"The Arts and the political ." Anke Coumans publication of her inaugural speech Lectureship Image in context. Minerva Groningen About 'programming' the gaze of the PAPA photographer.
* November 28, 2012
De Volkskrant Uitgelicht section . PAPA photo story ' Viaducts like beads on a string Concept Lino Hellings. Text Hans Aarsman . Photos Shahidul Alam (Bangladesh) , Toye Gbade (Nigeria) and Lino Hellings (NL)
* September 2013
Shutr photo journal book review The Making of PAPA
* December 2013
Urban Performance in 9 megacities  
Kunst Forum German art magazine. PAPA covert São Paulo . 8 pages Text Heinz Schütz . Photos Lino Hellings ( NL ) Tatyana Zelenskaja ( Kyrgyzstan ) They Barretta ( Brazil ) , Ines Correa ( Brazil ) Givana Pasquini ( Brazil ) , Flavio Sampaio ( Brazil )

October 28, 2009
" Art as the new journalism ."
"Untrodden Land" , visual arts platform Amsterdam . Lino Hellings in consultation with Joost van de Loo ( VPRO and Lemz ) and Michael Persson ( De Volkskrant ) During the twelfth edition Untrodden Land explores the interface between art , journalism and advertising. In the debate that followed, Volkskrant journalist Michael Persson and other attendees discussed the the initiative of PAPA and its relation to journalism. Added value
> onbeganegrond.blogspot.nl
April 22, 2010
New strategies for urban development ' Radical new thinking has to start somewhere . " Master City Developer TU Delft / Erasmus University Rotterdam.
" Professor Hans de Jonge concludes that" The artistic research in reading the streets from below by PAPA is a lesson for actors in urban development. Hellings tackles patterns and potential in an urban area that in the current practice often remain undiscovered. Other participants: Change of mentality Kristian Koreman ( Office ZUS behalf IABR ) Tactics of Life Lino Hellings (director PAPA) Urban Farming and Collaborative Planning Gary Wozniak (Director SHAR Foundation Detroit) Regional approaches Michael Schwarze - Rodrian
(director Emscherpark Ruhr). Commissioned by Master City Developer TU Delft / Rotterdam Erasmus University .
6 / 10 October, 2010
Independent Artistic Practices in the Era of Globalization. Montreal Canada . Future of the Residency - From Hosting to Hospitality in the Era of Globalization. Panelists : Akaya Windwood , Rockwood Leadership Institute ( U.S. )Kay Ulanday Barrett , poet , educator and performer ( U.S. )Lino Hellings artist ceo PAPA ( NL ) Olga Lafazani , Lesvos NoBorder Camp organizer ( GR ) Joaquin Barriendos , Global Visual Cultures ( MX )
Todd Lester , Founder / Director of freeDimensional & Creative Resistance Fund (U.S. ) . Commissioned Montreal Res Artists Congress .
August 25, 2011 
" Every artist a journalist ." V2 Rotterdam . Developed together with curator Michelle Kasprzak An evening in which the tension between documentary methods and artistic expression is studied and examined how notions of truth and beauty fit into this mix . In addition to Lino Hellings : Alfredo Cramerotti and Gair Dunlop .

November 11, 2008

Bangladesh 'The Myth of Freedom in the West ' Three lectures on my work . Independent university Department of Social Sciences + + DRIK Pathahala training for photojournalism .
November 14, 2009
São Paulo Lecture on Errorism on international conference of activists from the Global South . " Lecture on Errorism : the right to make mistakes . IX International conference on human rights : an appraisal of the human rights system from a Southern perspective : common strategies and reform proposals. Commissioned by Conectas Human Rights Colloquium .
July 9, 2010
Mediamatic Mapping Ignite Map fest . PAPA presentation evening on Mapping as an art form . 20 participating artists . Lino Hellings about the making of PAPA
August 27, 2010
V2 Rotterdam Media Culture in China and Netherlands duo reading PAPA Lino Hellings with Chinese artist Li Zhenhua In the context of the world expo in Shanhai . Third Eye exhibition with the central theme of urban change .
September 25, 2010
Noorderlicht exhibition Groningen reading PAPA Public Bedroom
28 & October 29, 2010
The State of Social Media Summit Amsterdam Trouwgebouw
Presentations by Dolf Veenvliet (Blender ) , Robert Kooij (Open Court TV) , James Burke & Juha van 't Same ( Urbanode ) , Sara Mattens & Jeffrey Croese ( Virtual Street ) , Stef Kolman ( OpenCarData ) , Johannes la Poutre ( MIMAQ ) Sebastiaan ter Burg & Brenno de Winter ( Woberator ) , Lino Hellings ( PAPA ) Bregtje Cals ( Kiwa ) and Joep Kuijper ( * openmargin ) .
April 9, 2011
ArtEast Bishkek Kyrgystan Public lecture on the development of PAPA . the University of Management and Design.
September 26 and November 29, 2011
Artist Talks club Karlsson Amsterdam . To work as charm offensive in politics and business to get . Art back on the map and in the calendar two numerous lectures on PAPA
September 2, 2011
Fotomuseum Rotterdam / Master Photography academy st Joost Breda ' Lino Hellings is an artist who is Involved in many different disciplines and collaborations . Art in Public Spaces , PAPA network , artistic research and urban planning research are her main areas of expertise .
March 23, 2012
Royal Academy in The Hague . Lecture on the PAPA research method , artistic research for PhD students in the Arts Leiden University / Royal Conservatory / Royal Academy of Art in The Hague .
September 21, 2012
V2 Rotterdam Launch PAPA book with "How do you do that ? ' Presentations of Hans Aarsman , Nienke Terpsma and Lino Hellings
December 16, 2012
Amsterdam warehouse the Silent Edge Programming Art & Design book fair . Four guests Eddo Hartman , Thomas Raat , Gielijn Escher and Lino Hellings , all talk about their new book .
2013 Long list Dutch Doc Award for Book + Website The Making of PAPA

Rotterdam Hoogvliet, Tourist guide 'Time off in Rotterdam Hoogvliet'
WiMBY Internationale Building Exhibition Rotterdam Hoogvliet. Developing forms of art which which the International Building Exhibition can share the process of designing a new city during the ten years that the IBE will exist, with the inhabitants of Hoogvliet. First research : 'Ten postcards to imaginary friends in the country". Second research ; 'Time off' the first tourist guide to Hoogvliet . See under stadsbeeld on. > wimby.nl

Amsterdam Wild Walks
Five audiowalks unravelling the hidden script of the area around the Bijlmer metro station in Amsterdam South-East. One can follow the track of one of the – free according reality- fictious persons and hear on headphones his/her thoughts. It is possible to take a walk as a officeworker in his lunchbrake, a mother at her shopping round, a teenager chilling in the shoppingcentre, a homeless drugaddict strolling around the loading-berthes of the supermarkets and an ambitious new immigrant without papers marveling over the Dutch spirit of enterprise. The audiowalks did run for 2 years. Commission of Imagine I(dentity).C(ulture), (Image institute that documents the migrant history of this Bronx of Amsterdam)

2003 July 5th
The Hague. The script of a city, a summerjourney.
In commission of the centre of fine arts CBK Stroom in The Hague(www.stroom.nl). This tour brings the participants in minibusses to several scripted places as shoppingmalls, trainstations and cityhalls. The travellers are guided to undertake simple actions to bring the scripts to the surface . As they are travelling in different busses, they will be surprised by the actions of the unknown fellowtravelers

Alkmaar Jamwaving.
For one month I waved to every single driver in the Trafficjam together with a international group of students. By making eye contact and wave to every single cardriver we check the atmosphere in all the cars, lorries and busses that went pass by at rush hours. The different ways in which people respond, gives us an insight how people relate to the situation they are in. It helps us getting an insight in the possibilities, disadvantages and advantages of the traffic jam. It is a new form of participatory journalism I recently started to develop. Result: Based on the outcome of the research we created a traffic jam cd, where among others one can listen to a lesson in traffic jam flirting, where fitness exersises for in the car are programmed and one can enjoy a fifteen minutes track in cursing on the traffic.

News agency on site / My home is in my head
Blog about the life in a department of a psychiatric hospital on the website of the Dolhuys, museum for psychiatry in Haarlem. In addition, residents were invited to have themselves portray-ed in mobile photo studio. This results in a photo exhibition on location and the publication of a booklet. Commissioned by Mental Health institute inGeest Santpoort and museum Dolhuys Haarlem

Heart Rhythm Assen
News agency on location in exhibition CO -OP With Volkskrant photographer Harry Cock and residents of Assen who have registered through the media , we explore the downtown in jointly photo walks. Results found at www.hartritme - assen.nl . A 'genius loci ' Commissioned by CBK Drenthe Assen .

Socialdesignforwickedproblems # obesity
Along with Waarmakers a young firm of two TU Delft educated product designers I research obesity as a tough problem. In four months, October 2013 - January 2014 , we arrive at a new vision for this wicked problem . Presentations that: September 6, 2013 The New Institute Rotterdam, 24 October 2103 Dutch Design Week Eindhoven Design House . Commissioned by: New Institute Rotterdam. We will continue our Research in the City of Eindhoven.

Art commission for a collective building containing four primary schools and a nursery. Four entrances, 118 square meters of prints on glass. Four drawings of puppets (including Anneliesje) created by the artist at the age of five are installed on the glass of the entrances. Art commission by the city of Zoetermeer. Between 22 and 33 square meters each. In collaboration with Search architects. > search.nl

The Compartment/ de Coupé.
A real train compartment placed in the hallway of the newly built wing of a nursing home for dementing elderly. Six comfortable seats are arranged as though in a train. The windows are video screens on which a Dutch polder landscape can be seen passing by. Projectsite www.bies.nu shows the process: six hour workshops of felting in several groups to find the right question the artwork should be based upon. the workshops revealed that the residents need a pleasant form of passivity. The right to do nothing. A work by Lino Hellings and Yvonne Dröge Wendel commisioned by Skor and Zorginstelling Pieter van Foreest.
Price best practise by Virtueel Platform for The Coupé.

Press about the compartment.
International :
June 30, 2008
TV : ZDF / Deutsland , ' Zugfahrt für Alzheimer patients ' / Heute in Europa TV news . By Ina D' Hondt
23 Jul 2008 Oggi / Italy magazine " In fuga dall'Alzheimer " by Maria C. Giongo
25 Jun 2008 The latest news / Belgium newspaper ' Alzheimer Express races through nursing home " by Katrien de Meyer
20 Jun 2008
Telegraaf " In the Alzheimer's Express " by Thea Detiger
Jun 26, 2008
Volkskrant ' legitimized passivity in a chic environment ' by Rob Gollin
16 Sep 2008
NRC " The mystique of the moving polder " by T. van den Boomen
Dec 5, 2008
Trouw ' Healing place of silence " by N.Lucas and Sandra Spijkerman
October 30, 2009
NRC Handelsblad ' Healing Art ' by Sandra Smets on the Coupé
January 14, 2010
Volkskrant " Artists are not therapists ' Rob Gollin About the Coupé nav Book Publication The Collection , 25 Years of Art Projects in Care Institutions 1985-2009
August 26, 2010
NRC Handelsblad 'Art Miracles " by Gerrit Komrij . Art and Alzheimer's . On the felt workshop that led to the design of the Coupé .

Amersfoort The Dahlia Garden.
Two Glassvisuals (cibachroom in two layers of hardened glass) of two by one meter. Railway station Amersfoort Northside. Art for the quarter Het Soesterkwartier. For one summer I was entrusted the key of the Dahlia Garden Society. I was allowed to pick flowers in every single garden. Select the most beautifull flowers for the artwork. The dahlia's float above a manipulated aerial photo of the quarter.

Amsterdam The Easter Bear.
A walk of fame for the neighbourhood. Seven stars of casted copper each in the form of the city of Amsterdam are placed in between the tram rails. The texts and images reveal parts of the recent and future history of my own neighbourhood. The artwork refers to the fact that the rails is build upon the old citywall of Amsterdam. The stars are seen from the platforms and disappear as soon as the tram arrives.

Amersfoort Vathorst Grows
Casco houses as a temporary filmset, the kickoff of a website as an interactive documentary. In the last block of houses ready before the summerbreak, we situated filmstudio's managed by local cultural initiatives. In every studio a young filmmaker, trained by us, filmed clips with the people of Vathorst about their life in the quarter. The clips of the day were shown on a big screen in the evening and uploaded on the site right away. Vathorst grows is the title. We left the site in the hands of a local cultural initiative, clips can be added during the coming 10 years as the quarter is expanding from 3000 till 30000 people. Concept Lino Hellings and Menno Grootveld, website Michael Murtaugh. www.vathorstgroeit.nl

Amsterdam My teacher
Two hundred sandblasted children drawings on four glass panels in the schoolhall. The panels measure 843 mm wide and 2705 mm high. Every child of the Merkelbachschool has drawn his/her own teacher from the front, the back and the side. Of every child one drawing is sandblasted on one of the four glass panels. The glasspanels can be seen from two sides: the schoolhall and the corridor through the social cultural department of the council. For the people linked to the school as well as for the outsiders there is a lot to see: How every child draws her/his teacher completely different, how the small children draw so different from the older ones of and how the teachers differ from one to the other anyway.

Amsterdam The School with the most windows
A website and a theatre performance. The 'first open air school for the healthy child' in the Cliostraat in Amsterdam – a famous design of architect Jan Duiker – has its 75th anniversary. To celebrate this we constructed, in collaboration with all the pupils and their teachers, the building and its secret stories on the internet. Visitors of the website can wander around the drawn building and find the stories the children gathered. The visitor not only meets the pupils but also sees the neighbours, or experiences the little creatures living in and around the school. The website, www.deschoolmetdemeesteramen.nl, was put online in April 2005. Even the url, meaning 'the school with most windows', was thought of by the children. Based on the stories of the site a theatrical performance was staged, where again all children took part. Idea Lino Hellings in collaboration with Emer Beamer (interactive desgn) and Septimia Kuhlmann (theatrical acts).

Wilnis, San Pedro.
A small suburb build in 1995 with 307 houses and 3 schools. Research has been undertaken to connect with the place and its inhabitants. The quarter has refused art before I got the commission. I knitted a three meter high cactus, which was casted in bronze and placed on the roundabout in between three elementary schools.

Second Exloërmond Moving House
Eighty public workers as photomodel. An integrated piece of art in a newly build firebrigade/rubbish dump/public works garage. Four glassvisuals (cibachromes in between two panels of glass) of two square meters each, of the public workers on the locations that are going to be demolished (a fire brigade, a rubbish dump and the public grounds in the middle of the two villages). The pictures are taken in a round mirror, giving a 360 degree image of the spot. Five lightboxes with panoramic photos representing the publicworkers in the canteens that are closed down, are placed in the new canteens.

Amsterdam Cinema Direct
Video sequences for video/monitor networks , shot at the same spot where they are shown. UVA Amsterdam. University building.

Amsterdam, Brighton UK, Utrecht NL The choreography of the street
Several cities in the world: Pilot Brighton festival May 1999/Amsterdam Sloterdijk station April 2000: 3 choreography's, 50 participants/ live video installation on 15 screens

F.C. Tabitha Amsterdam
Eleven inhabitants of old people's home pictured as a football team. Four glass panels of the entrance door. Glassvisuals: Cibachrome in between two panels of hardened glass.
Research 1998 photostories made with 25 old people in order to detect the final idea.

1992 - 1997
SOLOLINO , a solo in various parts.
The foundation of these solos is based on the recognition and use of the borderlines between the different arts (also see teaching career).
Sololino I , Amsterdam 1992 Sung / spoken text and visual arts.
Sololino II Amsterdam 1994. Dance and visual arts.
Sololino III Amsterdam 1997 photo/video installation .

1975 - 1992
Dogtroep, co founder, builder, performer and musician
Member of artistic board. I am one of the founder members of this theater group making site specific theater. During a period of seventtenteen years , I made up the artistic board with two other members. We developed a innovative theater method. Apart from my own artistic involvement , it was my special role to translate the main artistic lines into concrete tasks for my fellow artists.

Scholarships and subsidies:
2014/2018 The MondriaanFund. Work Contribution Proven Talent
2011 Publication grant Mondriaan Fund/Hivos: Book The making of PAPA
2010 Hivos Culture Fund Project Migration PAPA
2009 Artscollaboratory Kyrgyzstan travelcosts
2009 Dutch Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria Exhibition Initial Patterns
2009/2013 The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture Basic Stipend
2009/2010 The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture LIVE, Development PAPA
2008 The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Cultural Diversity, travel grant Bangladesh
2005/2008 The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture Basic Stipend
2004/2005 The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts My Teacher. Every child draws his/her teacher. sandblasted glass
2004/5 The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts The School With The Most Windows, a website and a theater performance
2003 The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts Wild Walks, five audiotours, Amsterdam Bijlmer
2002 The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the VSB Bank Cinema direct, Video loops in video/computer networks.
2000/2002 The Foundation for Theatrical Arts, Research Undisciplined Arts in the Netherlands.
2001 Thuiskopiefonds, development website linohell.nl
1999/2000 The Foundation for Theatrical Arts and the Prince Bernard Foundation The Choreography of the Street. 
1998/99 The Amsterdam Fund for Fine Arts F.C. Tabitha.
1997 Mama Cash photo/video installation 'What is the human'.
1995/1996 Scholarship from Foundation for Theatrical Arts. Ten week scholarship to study theater choreography in Enrique Pardo's studio in Paris France.


In the past ten years I have developed a teaching method that defines the transition area between the different forms of art (mostly as a teacher at the Rietveld Academy in the department of Time Based Arts) With this method I educate people in a new form of craftsmanship. A craftsmanship with which you make interactive art. From the standpoint of the maker, an interactive work begins when a maker designs the form of the work, the context of the work, AND possible experiences or perceptions for the others that come in contact with his work. In other words, we begin to speak about interactive works when a maker considers the critical context an intrinsic part of the work.

Research on undisciplined art in the Nederlands
Undisciplined art = art that cannot be counted to one of the different disciplines, that does not necessarily takes place in spaces meant for art. It creates situations which have nothing to do with art as such: new theory, ten examples and reactions from the experts. Download here the Dutch version of Ongedisciplineerde Kunst Nederland.
Architecture of Interaction
Toolkit (or grammar) by and for interactive art practioners.
An international group of artists is working out a toolkit for colleagues, critics and commisioners. The idea is to supply models with which artworks using interactive working methods/ creating interactive experiences, can be described and discussed. Presentations in London Chisenhale gallery, Amsterdam Veemvloer and Amsterdam Stedelijk museum. Core group Yvonne Dröge Wendel, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer and Lino Hellings. www.architectureofinteraction.net

Annual workshops
'The Making of..'
for Master of film Amsterdam
A highly practical workshop in which you visualize your work in progress ten years from now and brainstorm in small groups on what you can do in the next hour to fulfil the aims formulated in this visualization. Every new group of ten students meet me for a week in my studio.
The Happy Presenter
for PHD in the Arts Royal academy The Hague and University of Leiden
The goal of The Happy Presenter Workshop is to enjoy talking about your work in public and in private. By practicing and evaluating presentations we will develop a presenting tool you can use every time somebody comes up to you and asks: 'What is your work about?' Be it your mother or a curator. Be it at an opening or at a birthday party. Together with Hans Aarsman.
> phdarts.eu
Development new teaching formats
for Academy Minerva Groningen, Lectorate Image. Annual Photography Class in the PAPA method. The PAPA working method is being transferred to the photography teacher of Academy Minerva.
Develoment Master class in Creative Entrepreneurship together with Bouke Boomstra.
Rietveld Academy of Fine Art
2005 – 10 saturdayclasses for Interart: Non european artists wanting to enter a Dutch artschool. Topic: conceptual thinking.
2004 - External examiner, Department of Time Based Arts for students of film, video and performance. (V.A.V.)
2002 - Saturday classes: exercises in the logic of a visual language of action
1992 / 1994 - Several workshops: 'a play without actors', 'street choreography'.
1989-1992 - Time Based Arts , freelance teacher individual supervision for 3rd and 4th years students , 1 day a week.
1986 / 1989 - Lecturer in sculptural and spatial form and colour studies to the foundation year , 1 day a week . Contact person in the foundation year for Time Based Arts , 1/2 day a week.
1984 - External examiner, Department of Time Based Arts for students of film, video and performance. (V.A.V.)
University of Brighton , School of Art - Yearly: One week workshop environmental art. Came out in Brighton Festival twice.
1997 – 2003
DasArts Post graduate course for dance , theater and fine arts. Mentor for a ten weeks program for graduates involving a broad selection of international artists. 2002/2003 several activities such as the individual mentorship, as well as a workshop for the candidates of the entrance examination, adviser visitation committee.
1994 / 1995
Theater School Amsterdam.- Head of department object theater . Supervision of final exams.

Workshops (a selection):
Several workshops for Master photography Breda, Master Art Education Utrecht, Master Choreography Arnhem etc.
HKU, Utrecht Nine week of intensive on interdisciplinarity in art for an international group of 25 art students.
2003 and 2004
Groningen Frank Mohr Institute, Masters Scenography. The process of designing art for public spaces.
Mediamatic holiday design
Lecture in three day workshop for the tourist industry and healthcare organisations. Topic is 'how to organize a holiday feeling (break with dailylife) without necessarily travel any distance'
Leeuwarden, Teachers course for drama and fine arts. New media in drama education.
School for Visual Theatre Jerusalem. Exercises in the logic's of a visual theatre language.
Mediamatic. Live experiments with computer designers in public space to reveal hidden scripts. Question is in how far scripts of behavior in Physical space are transposable to Virtual space
Delft Three day intensive for architecture students:designing public space. Special design method: creating space by organising human activity.
Leeuwarden - Teachers course for drama and fine arts Five weeks process of making a performance with four movable screens, slide- and overhead projectors.
March Bochum , Germany , in commission of the Theatre Institute Nederland (T.I.N. )Weekend workshop in Visual Music to an international group of theatre artists
Leeuwarden, center of art education Parnas. Concept and supervision of a theatrical opening of the new center
Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Concept and realization of an event in which 52 probation officers - unannounced - became participants.
Breda academy St Joost Architecture department . Christmas performance in chapel of this former monastery.

Boardmember Datum, artmagazine on internet 1995/1999
Advisor Fund for Theatrical Art 1999/2001
Committee for the restructuring of Art Education 1998
Expert digital art for Teleac radio 2004
Expert AV art in public space Noordelijk filmfestival 2004
Education : master of arts, sociology, University of Leiden, the Netherlands
Fotovakschool: Advertisement photography.

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> Digital diary work process
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> Process of design for the Compartment (Dutch)
> New Theory
> SDFWP Obesitas (Dutch)