PAPA project FLYOVER PAPA 2010



New Reality shows how the seven flyovers of the Prins Clausplein motorways in the netherlands create abstract landscapes of viaducts, dykes, tunnels and leftover pieces of land. How smallscale activities spring up in the gaps in places around the flyovers. It includes good and bad examples of how the large scale of the motorway and the small scale of the activities are mixed.In the netherlands we are accustomed to building motorway junctions on the outskirts of our cities, but the city slowly grows towards them. The space directly under, and even on, the flyovers as far afield as Dhaka, Lagos and São Paulo is used in many different and inspiring ways. The more informal and creative way these public spaces are used in these countries could be adopted in future urban planning in the netherlands. After working in different cities all over the world, PAPA was commissioned by The Hague's Department of urban Development to 'describe the DnA of the area around the Prins Claus flyovers in photographic observations'. PAPA asked its correspondents elsewhere in the world to picture what is happening under their flyovers. The result of this project, a description of the area around the intersection and of similar areas in Bangladesh, nigeria and Brazil, now forms the basis of an official discussion document for the development of the area.

Vacant land

(The Hague, The Netherlands)
Here we tend to build flyovers outside the city. Slowly the city moves towards the flyover. What can we do with this vacant land? PAPA sends its correspondents to other parts of the world have a look under their flyovers for alternative 'business concepts'.
06 October 2010, Lino Hellings

Mohakhali Flyover

(dhaka, Bangladesh)
The Mohakhali Flyover acts as a bus station and an open air market. An intercity train heads towards a station near the international airport.
06 Oct 2010, Shahidul Alam


(lagos, Nigeria)
The Obalende Flyover with bus station, mosques, several small kiosks, mobile phone shops, petrol station, etc. At the end of the day it is a very large market.
06 Oct 2010, Toye Gbade

Flyover PAPA June to September 2010

How four artists research the DNA of the flyover in the Netherlands and photographers in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Brazil supply alternative 'business concepts' for what can be done in the spaces beneath flyovers. Rob van Maanen Lino Hellings in the Hague Shahidul Alam Dhaka/Bangladesh and Toye Gbade Lagos Nigeria. Commissioned by the Department of Urban Development of the city of The Hague, the Netherlands.